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A Carriage Fit For A Queen

Ok, so more like too many carriages not enough room for them in the house but I am keeping them!! My little Queenie travels in style when we’re walking, she has a town buggy for the bus, or we use the little pram second on the right which is a Cumfifolda.
First on the right we have a Swan I picked up in a charity shop in Ards.
Second was again a charity shop find, except this time a fabulous gift from the incredible Julie!
Third in we have a Marmet with the matching Royale beside it.
These were bought before I was even pregnant for the first time in the Rape Crisis Centre. I wanted to wheel them home but Mr. Fabuloso said I would look ridiculous.
Another summer photo! The reigns and romper are Vintage Mothercare off eBay. image

Ok, so, I have been gone and probably forgotten for quite some time now. I know I promised to blog again and again, but this time I am sticking to it. I was bought a tablet as an early Christmas present and it’s now much easier for me to get down to business!!
My last post I declared pregnancy! Then I left you all hanging. Sorry about that!
But, here she is in all her Vintage glory! Miss. Maisie Primrose, born after an easy labour on December 10th 2012 weighing 8lb 8. These are some summer photos but her birthday is coming up on Tuesday so I will be posting a years worth of pictures just to update! Meanwhile here are some summer photos of her, and me, in a bathing suit from The Rusty Zip. ;)

Vintage Family Photos Strike 3!


Grandad, he made that Gun!

This is my Grandad a few years ago, on his Scooter, The Silver Streak!

As yet unknown

As yet unknown

Welcoming Little Hornby Fabuloso!!!!!

Today I bring you a very happy post, tainted with sorrow but ultimately the happiest thing I will ever tell people! Mister Fabuloso and I are Pregnant!!

I have wanted children for ages now, all I had to do was talk Mister Fabuloso round! It didn’t take long in the end! ;) I thought I would end up having to steal his seed!! ;)

We started trying last year and in November were delighted to discover we were Pregnant! I had a super easy time which worried me. I felt ill for a full week in the run up to Christmas but was fine by Christmas day and I just knew it was going to be bad news. It hasn’t taken long after coming off the pill. About two months. Which I thought was good going! I swapped my Pill for Folic Acid and did all the things you are told you should do. I unfortunately fell down the stairs at 7 weeks and went to Hospital to be felt all over and told I was OK. I had knocked myself out in the fall, it was only down 3 stairs! I felt pathetic haha! My bum ached! But apparently all was good and I was sent home and told to rest up!

Scan day rolled around in January at 10 weeks. We arrived and I had no hope whatsoever! I was glad of that in the end. It made it all better. It was less mentally stressful to discover I had a Blighted Ovum/Missed Miscarriage and the embryo had never developed. It looked something like this -

Just an empty sack. After the scan I stared blankly at the midwife as she talked to me. I don’t have a clue what she said, except when she changed the subject to talk about my make up. That I remember. All I wanted to do was go to town and buy myself some Pink Cigarettes and smoke every last one. So that’s exactly what I did!

I went home and started on the Raspberry Leaf Tea, it was my rescuer. That and my beloved Mister Fabuloso. It really helped and I would recommend it to anyone who is going through that. The only advice I could remember was from the scan a week after that to check what was going on inside me. She said I don’t have to wait to try again, just as soon as I felt ready! Mentally I was hunky dory! I wanted to get going again! Haha! So after another few months, a week before my 21st birthday, I wasn’t even late yet, I was starting to annoy people. I was a right moody bitch so I pee’d on a stick. It was terribly faint, but just enough to make me think, maybe….. On my Birthday I was late (Thankfully how crap would that have been!?) and there they were, 2 dark pink lines. Again we were Pregnant.

(That’s the first one!)

It was a stressful few weeks. I got sick for a few days at 7 weeks and then it stopped again like before so I kinda freaked out and booked an emergency scan at the Royal. The night before I was hurling everywhere but I didn’t want to cancel the scan! I just needed to know! I had myself dated at 8+2 but when I had the scan they said I was only 7+5 I couldn’t have cared less what the dates were then, it had a heartbeat! That was ALL that mattered.

That’s it. This tiny grey smudge that is so important… All it is, is a smudge, a smudge that gets bigger, gets born and you must you must protect and guard till you die. This dated me at December 24th which I was pleased at, it was December 20th which meant I had to go sometime before then or a while after NOT the 25th! Phew! I could go a week over and be fine this way. Yeah, that lasted long….

Coming up for scan 2 I was a little freaked out. I was worried it might have died and I was going to have to go through all of that all over again. But I didn’t feel like I did last time, last time I just knew, people kept telling me it was normal to feel like that but I was insistent this was different, it was no more. But this time I was unsure of myself, which I was glad of! I just wanted to know though! At about 9:30 on Friday I was called into the room for the scan with Mister Fabuloso and there it was, going mental on the screen, it had arms and legs and a head and a body and it was bloody creepy looking, that thing is INSIDE me, it’s moving and I can’t feel it, and it’s a small developing person that kinda looks like an Alien! Bloody hell was I relieved! We both were. My dates were moved again, it had a growth spurt… My dates were right to begin with… I was 11+1… Back to the 20th December! This child had SO better not come while I’m eating my Goose! I will be furious! I will take the Goose with me to Hospital! I will cross my legs until dinner is over. Argh. It’ll be just my bloody luck. I’ll try and go early 12/12/12 maybe? Or New Year and not move till after Christmas. Anything but Christmas day!!!!! 

I would like to thank everyone who has supported me since last year. I love you all, I would list you all but you know who you are. You have made me feel so loved and so much better about everything. You are truly wonderful people and I love that I have you in my life.You will forever be my best friends. Xx

I also want to thank my wonderful darling Mister Fabuloso, who has been the best partner anyone could hope for. He has been and is my best friend. I love him with all my heart and I am so happy that this is the start of our new adventure, It has been long awaited and I really hope that finally it is OUR turn at this. Even if nothing worked out it wouldn’t matter as long as I had him by my side, he is my everything. He is my world. Xxxx

cleanlikecocaine said: hey :) i just wanted to let you know that i adore your blog. I'm from belfast too :D you have such great style :')

Thank you very much! :)

Do you have Twitter? I’m @RetroFabuloso! Get in touch over there! You have to speak to me though to get a follow back! I always assume it’s bots! ;) Xx

I would very much like these shoes! (Taken with instagram)

Hallelujah I just love that man so… (Taken with instagram)

Mother Of Pearl Lampshade. (Taken with instagram)

Under a fiver charity shop haul! (Taken with instagram)

My mum came over yesterday and we went to Tesco where she introduced me to The Lady Magazine. How did I not know about it before?! I’ll definitely be buying one next Friday too!

My mum came over yesterday and we went to Tesco where she introduced me to The Lady Magazine. How did I not know about it before?! I’ll definitely be buying one next Friday too!

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